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A “Wrap-Up” is a highly efficient insurance and risk management control mechanism and an increasingly popular alternative to using conventional insurance on most construction projects. With a wrap-up insurance program, the interests of the owner, designer, construction manager, contractors, and consultants are covered by one insurance arrangement, or “wrapped up.” A wrap-up insurance program provides a single point of focus for loss control and claims management offering a coordinated approach specifically tailored to a project.  This eliminates disputes among contractors and their insurers, reduces disruption at project work sites, and can minimize potential delays attributed to accident investigation. A wrap-up insurance program also facilitates the inclusion of small and minority businesses by eliminating insurance barriers smaller contractors encounter when bidding on large projects.


The use of wrap-up insurance programs has proliferated over the past decade on large private and public capital development construction and infrastructure projects. Wrap-up insurance programs provide the program sponsor (owner or contractor) with some definite advantages over using a conventional insurance program. Some significant advantages are; potential insurance cost savings, securing broader coverage, higher limits, and more effective loss control and claim management services.


The key operative word is “control.” Like everything else in the construction industry, planning is a critical component of any successful wrap-up insurance program. There are many ways to structure a wrap-up insurance program. However, the critical success factor is the capability of the people who are responsible for the wrap-up insurance program design, implementation, and administration. Any owner or contractor who is serious about evaluating the feasibility or implementation of a wrap-up insurance program for their construction project should seek the advice and guidance of a professional and competent insurance or risk management consultant who has the practical experience in structuring wrap-up insurance programs and has the wrap-up insurance program knowledge to be a qualified strategic advisor.


C-Risk specializes in the formation and implementation of wrap-up insurance programs. Particularly, an owner-controlled insurance program (OCIP). We provide risk management advisory services and consulting to construction project owners who require OCIP feasibility studies, design of OCIP program structures, implementation requirements, and recommendations on OCIP administration procedures and processes. C-Risk can assist clients with the formation of a wrap-up insurance and risk management strategy, and provide objective and practical advice on the optimal risk management and insurance program structure for project-specific wrap-ups, or multi-year, multi-site, wrap-up insurance programs, a.k.a., “rolling wrap-ups”.


C-Risk has determined that success on most wrap-up insurance programs can be achieved through the integration of stringent risk transfer methods and risk management controls with effective project/contract management administration. Our expertise in construction management, project controls, insurance and risk management empowers us with the essential knowledge and requisite skills to provide clients with pragmatic risk management strategies and insights to ensure a positive outcome for a successful wrap-up insurance program.

Wrap-Up Programs

C-Risk is an expert in structuring Wrap-Up Insurance Programs


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