What we do

What we do


C-Risk provides risk management consulting on risk transfer and risk financing strategies and methodologies


C-Risk provides objective and unbiased risk management advisory and consulting services to construction project owners who are involved with large capital construction and infrastructure projects. We provide a comprehensive variety of services that include; risk management program reviews of a client’s construction projects and/or business operations, provide strategic insight on the development and implementation of effective insurance & risk management programs, and offer practical advice on structuring wrap-up insurance programs. We also offer our risk management consulting and advisory services on an interim or on an as-needed basis.


C-Risk does not sell insurance and is not an insurance broker. C-Risk is an independent risk management consulting company. Its independence allows C-Risk to provide objective advisory and risk management consulting services without any conflict of interest. We specialize in structuring effective risk transfer and risk financing methods. C-Risk also provides expert strategies and insights for the formation and implementation of construction wrap-up insurance programs, both OCIPs and CCIPs.


C-Risk views risk management as a process that follows a systematic methodology. We work collaboratively with clients to identify and quantify risks to develop a client-specific risk profile. A key factor in this process is assessing a client’s risk appetite. We feel it is imperative to evaluate a client’s attitude in order to determine whether a client is a risk-taker or if they are risk-adverse. C-Risk obtains this fundamental information during an initial consultation with a client. During this consultation, we reviews a client’s operations and their historical loss experience, and the pros and cons of their current insurance & risk management program.


Another key consideration is to know whether a client prefers to execute their construction projects using direct risk-transfer through contractor-provided insurance, or through owner-furnished insurance, or through the use of project-specific insurance, e.g., wrap-up insurance programs. Establishing the contractual risk-transfer preference of a client is a good starting point to develop specific program requirements.


The C-Risk business model is based on providing clients with risk management strategies to help them address the challenges of an ever-changing world of balancing risks and liabilities. We will work directly with a client to fully understand what risks are keeping them up at night and apply our construction industry knowledge and practical construction project experience to creatively and effectively formulate an insurance and risk management program solution. We help clients make better-informed decisions for their risk transfer, risk retention, and risk financing options. More importantly, C-Risk helps clients realign their focus to integrate their short-term project management goals with their long-term strategic risk management requirements.


C-Risk will collaborate with other consultants to provide clients with tailored risk management strategies and solutions. We have established a collaborative network of independent consultants and we partner on certain consulting projects if required to provide clients with the expertise of financial or legal professionals to address a client’s unique or specific project requirements. This provides clients with the quality and responsiveness they can expect from a consulting company. Through the promotion and building of collaborative relationships and strategic partnerships with other consultants and experts in their associated fields, C-Risk can better serve our clients, and still provide unbiased construction insurance and risk management advisory and consulting services in order to protect a client’s assets, mitigate losses, and reduce their total cost of risk.