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C-Risk provides a variety of risk management advisory and consulting services. We concentrate in construction risk management and offer clients strategic insight, practical advice, and proven methods on how to mitigate the risks and exposures associated with construction project operations and best practices for the implementation of effective controls to limit liabilities and potential losses.


C-Risk provides advisory services, consulting, risk management outsourcing, and periodically offers seminars to educate and advise clients on emerging trends in the construction industry, such as wrap-up insurance programs, design-build project delivery, alternative risk financing, and contractual risk-transfer mechanisms and the use of insurance specification requirements.


C-Risk services include; Risk Management Strategy, Wrap-Up Programs, Risk Management Outsourcing, Contract Reviews, Insurance Reviews, and Alternative Risk Financing methods. We provide objective risk management advice to help clients with wrap-up insurance programs.


C-Risk specializes in the formation and implementation of wrap-ups, both owner-controlled insurance programs (OCIP) and contractor-controlled insurance programs (CCIP). We provide risk management advisory services and consulting to public and private sector clients that require strategic insight on preparing wrap-up feasibility studies, designing wrap-up program structures, and implementation requirements for effective wrap-up administration procedures and processes.


C-Risk offers risk management advisory, consulting, and risk management outsourcing services to public and private sector clients that are involved in capital development construction projects. Since our services are tailored to the specific risk management requirements of each client, there is no standard formula. We work with each client to design and implement a risk management program structure that is in alignment with a client’s specific risk profile and requirements.


C-Risk services are provided to clients on a fee basis. Our consultants are remunerated through C-Risk, LLC. Fees are determined based on the scope of services provided. Fees are normally billed at an hourly rate, but can be billed as a fixed fee basis depending on the services rendered. Fees are billed monthly. A retainer deposit is typically required upon execution of the C-Risk Consulting Services Agreement (CSA).