Insurance Reviews

Insurance Reviews


C-Risk provides objective insurance policy coverage reviews, coverage comparisons, and risk assessments. We help clients to evaluate their specific risks and exposures, assess insurable risks, eliminate coverage gaps or unnecessary coverages, and determine the most effective insurance program structure to meet specific risk management requirements. If requested, and in collaboration with a client’s incumbent insurance broker, C-Risk will aggressively negotiate with insurers for better terms, broader coverage, higher limits, and lower costs in order to obtain maximum coverage at the most reasonable cost-effective premium.


Most project owners and contractors depend on their insurance broker to conduct a thorough review and evaluation of their risks & exposures, structure a cost-effective insurance & risk management program, and procure the most appropriate loss control and claim administration services. However, if an insurance broker lacks practical construction experience or is unfamiliar with the risks & exposures associated with construction project operations or a specific construction class of business, it will be very difficult for them to obtain an optimal result for a project owner or construction contractor who is seeking a sustainable insurance & risk management program.


Many insurance brokers are generalist. Therefore, project owners and contractors should be more cognizant of who can provide them with the best advice and guidance for their insurance program. They should seek an insurance professional who can recommend and assist with the procurement of a comprehensive insurance and risk financing program that covers all of their unique risks & exposures. Having the right advisor will mitigate the potential for coverage gaps or for purchasing insurance that is not needed, which is not a very cost-effective solution!


C-Risk helps project owners and contractors understand the underwriting process. We assist in providing insurance brokers with the required information and documentation for insurance underwriters. This can significantly expedite the insurance underwriting process and improve a client’s ability to obtain the most competitive insurance pricing, based on a client’s specific risks & exposures, historical loss experience, risk profile, and their risk appetite, risk tolerance, and insurance coverage requirements.


C-Risk provides clients with insurance coverage reviews for a number of reasons. A primary reason is when a project owner’s or contractor’s business operations have changed. This may require a thorough review and evaluation of any new or additional coverages that may be needed to address any added, reduced, or eliminated business operations and their associated risks & exposures.


Other reasons may include, when a project owner or construction contractor wants to reduce their total construction insurance cost, or if they just want an objective and impartial insurance review because they plan to competitively market their insurance program to other insurance brokers or carriers. Another reason is when public sector owners are forced to reduce capital development construction programs because of budget limitations or when a private owner faces an economic downturn that increases construction lending rates.


Insurance policy coverage reviews are one of several risk management services that C-Risk provides. It is an area where we differentiate ourselves from other risk management consultants. Why? Because we are 100% objective and unbiased. C-Risk is an independent consulting company. We provide objective advisory services to project owners on insurance & risk management programs. C-Risk is not directly involved with selling or brokering insurance, so there is no conflict of interest. We do not direct insurance placement transactions. C-Risk is basically an owner’s rep and project owner’s advocate for structuring project insurance and risk management programs.


C-Risk assists private and public sector project owners and contractors in structuring and implementing effective insurance & risk management programs that meet a client’s specific coverage requirements. For alternatives to commercial insurance, review the Risk Financing options in the Services section on the C-Risk website, which provides a cursory review of some alternative risk financing techniques.