David Grenier

Principal Consultant

David Grenier is the principal consultant of C-Risk and managing director of C-Risk, LLC. He is based in Seattle, Washington and leads the company’s risk management consulting practice. David is an expert in structuring large wrap-up insurance programs, with a focus on OCIPs.



David Grenier has over 35 years of experience working in the construction industry with the public and private sector. Before starting C-Risk, David served as Director of Risk Management at a regional transit authority where he developed and implemented all of the liability insurance programs for light rail and commuter rail operations, directed the program structured the property insurance program, and implemented multiple owner-controlled insurance programs (OCIPs) for multi-million dollar capital construction projects. David is recognized as a subject-matter expert in the formation and implementation of OCIPs and has extensive knowledge in using contractual risk-transfer and risk financing methodologies to manage and control construction project risks.

In addition to his public sector work, David has extensive experience working with private sector owners on capital construction projects. He has worked in construction project management for some of the ENR Top Engineering & Construction firms, and obtained his practical construction project experience in the process, power generation, advanced technology, commercial building, and transportation industries. David has led construction insurance underwriting teams for the development of coverages, and programs, products, and services focused on the construction industry.

David has dedicated most of his professional career being a risk management strategist who has demonstrated his proficiency as a problem-solver and in formulating solutions for addressing the challenge of managing risk to maximize project cost savings and minimize the total cost of risk. This is the compelling reason why David started C-Risk where he is the Principal Consultant directly responsible for providing objective risk management advisory and consulting services.

David holds a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Syracuse University and a Master of Business Administration in Finance and Strategy from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He has published various articles on construction risk management and wrap-up insurance programs, and has participated on construction expert panel roundtables.



M.B.A., University of Chicago Booth School of Business, 1995
B.S., Syracuse University, 1979