C-Risk. Collaboration Opportunities and Strategic Partnerships

C-Risk Collaboration Opportunities and Strategic Partnerships


C-Risk is a risk management consulting company that understands the value of fostering strategic partnerships and collaborative relationships with other professionals who provide services to the construction industry. We are continuously connecting with consultants and colleagues to expand our network of construction, insurance, risk management, risk financing, and legal experts who want to collaborate on risk management consulting engagements or on construction wrap-up insurance programs.


C-Risk consultants have practical construction project management backgrounds and experience. They are professionals with ambition, motivation, leadership capabilities, and are intelligent, committed, insightful problem-solvers, and solution-providers. C-Risk consultants use sound judgment and are guided by strict principles of risk management to offer clients pragmatic advice to more effectively manage complex risks that are typically encountered on construction projects.


C-Risk consultants have an entrepreneurial spirit, enjoy challenges, and exhibit the following:


Insight: C-Risk consultants are focused to provide strategies and insight on the most challenging risk management issues confronting construction project owners. We can resolve general liability issues related to project risk control, contractual liability, and contractual risk-transfer. We can also formulate effective wrap-up insurance program structures and implement critical administration processes.


Professionalism: Personal growth and professional development is an ongoing process in the life of a consultant. C-Risk is a learning organization that realizes our most valuable assets are our knowledge and intellectual capital. As consultants, we are continuously learning so we can add value for our clients in order to achieve or exceed our client’s expectations on consulting projects. Expanding our knowledge about construction risk management is a major part of our development to be better consultants and more effective strategic advisors. We stay current on emerging industry trends, best practices, and other dynamics to enable us to better manage the unique types of risks that proliferate within the construction industry.


Teamwork: All consulting project engagements are tailored to the specific needs of each client. C-Risk will assemble a project team with the proper mix of specialized skills and experience in order to achieve client-focused results. Our collaboration with other professionals and consultants provides us with a breadth and diversity of resources, while maintaining the flexibility and functionality of being an independent risk management consulting company.


Commitment:  The Principal Consultant has full responsibility for the outcome of every project. From single consultant engagements to the assembly of consulting teams with a wide range of specified tasks, the Principal Consultant is involved in all service deliverables and has front-line responsibility for the project. If a project requires a consulting team apprach, the responsibility for each member of the consulting team for specified directives is retained by the Principal Consultant. It is transparent to a client how tasks are executed. C-Risk is committed to acting in the best interest of the client to deliver a professionally structured risk management solution.


C-Risk takes pride in the expertise of our consultants and our collaborative consultant network. We are always looking to broaden our expertise by fostering collaboration opportunities and partnering with other qualified and talented professionals. The construction risk management environment is constantly changing, driven by new project delivery methods and alternative risk financing options. C-Risk is compelled to provide public and private sector clients who are involved in large capital construction projects with innovative strategies to produce effective solutions to manage risk.


Collaboration opportunities exist for consultants with strong backgrounds and experience in construction insurance, construction risk management, and with wrap-up insurance programs. We are interested in partnering with individuals who work in wrap-up program administration, attorneys who practice construction contract law and are focused on indemnification and contractual risk-transfer issues, and with financial professionals who are proficient in risk management and the formation of alternative risk financing structures, such as risk retention groups, risk pools, and captives.


In order to generate partnering and collaboration opportunities, we have included a section on the C-Risk website CONTACT page to submit inquiries and information about any construction wrap-up projects or risk management consulting engagements where C-Risk can apply our expertise to render assistance. We welcome your inquiries, proposed collaboration requests, or RFP submissions.


If you have an immediate requirement for C-Risk services on a project, please use the CONTACT page or call 602-814-7475


For information about collaboration opportunities with C-Risk, please e-mail us at