Who we are

Who we are

C-Risk is experienced in risk management and construction wrap-up insurance programs


C-Risk is a consulting company created by David Grenier to provide risk management advisory and consulting services to the construction industry. Unlike other risk management consultants that are extensions of insurance brokerages, or risk management consultants that are directly affiliated with these brokers, C-Risk is an independent risk management consultant. David established C-Risk to be an objective and unbiased advisor to public and private sector clients who are involved with capital construction projects.


Before starting C-Risk, David worked in construction project management for several ENR Top engineering & construction companies. After completing his MBA degree at The University of Chicago, David entered the insurance industry as an underwriter working on large construction contractor accounts. He later managed underwriting teams to develop programs, products and services focused on the construction industry for design-build project delivery programs and construction wrap-up insurance programs.


David has served as a Risk Manager and Director of Risk Management for public transit agencies. He has designed and implemented wrap-up insurance programs on a variety of construction projects. David has dedicated most of his professional career as a risk management strategist and has demonstrated his proficiency formulating risk management solutions using risk-transfer and risk financing methodologies on construction projects to maximize project cost savings and minimize the total cost of risk.


David applied his construction management knowledge and MBA in finance with his practical experience on construction projects to obtain national recognition as a subject-matter expert in the formation and implementation of wrap-up insurance programs. He provides practical risk management strategies to resolve complex risk issues on challenging projects. David established C-Risk on the premise that there is a better option for clients to obtain objective risk management insight, advice, and unbiased insurance and risk management consulting services without the conflict of interest that is sometimes the case with some insurance brokers. The philosophy that David adopted for C-Risk is based on three core values:

  1. Expert by Experience.
  2. Powered by Knowledge
  3. Guided by Principle.


C-Risk does not subscribe to the conventional wisdom of “that’s how it’s always been done” that is used by many insurance brokers, and some perochial risk management consultants. That’s because C-Risk has the insight to focus on construction risk through a different and well calibrated lens. We are construction, insurance and risk management professionals who are cognizant of the many risks associated with construction and the critical importance of stringently assessing these unique types of risks using our practical experience and knowledge, which magnifies our vision. C-Risk is compelled to provide effective strategies to address the complex risk management challenges inherent on large-scale capital construction projects and with successfully structuring, implementing, and managing wrap-up insurance programs.


For additional information about David Grenier, please read David’s biography, resume, or LinkedIn profile