Our Mission

C-Risk provides independent risk management consulting services to private and public entities that are involved in construction projects and need effective risk management controls for ongoing operations.

C-Risk specializes in structuring insurance and risk management programs and implementing risk transfer and risk financing methods to mitigate liabilities, prevent claims, and reduce the cost of risk.

C-Risk’s primary focus is providing construction project owners with practical risk management strategies & insights. C-Risk does not sell insurance and is not directly responsible for any insurance placements. Therefore, there are no conflicts of interest with establishing a client’s insurance and risk management programs. C-Risk is an advocate for the client and project owner, i.e. a Strategic Advisor & Owners Rep.

C-Risk Mission

Our Services

C-Risk provides a variety of risk management services. We focus on designing insurance and risk management programs that can reduce the cost of risk with the implementation of contractual risk-transfer and risk financing methododologies to mitigate potential liabilities.

Our services include; Risk Management Strategy, Wrap-Up Programs, Contract Reviews, Insurance ReviewsRisk Financing alternatives, and Risk Management Outsourcing.

C-Risk services are tailored to the specific requirements of each client. There is no standard formula. We design effective risk management program structures in alignment with a client’s specific risk profile.

We help clients realign their focus to integrate short-term project management goals with long-term risk management objectives.

C-Risk Services

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Our Values

Expert by Experience

C-Risk is experienced with structuring effective risk management programs and an expert on construction wrap-up insurance programs.

Powered by Knowledge

C-Risk is knowledgeable on the development of risk-transfer and risk financing mechanisms to mitigate liabilities and reduce the cost of risk.

Guided by Principle

C-Risk is founded on guiding principles to provide strategic insight and objective advice on managing risk without any conflict of interest.

Our Insights

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